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A Little Less Lonely Book Tag

Hi everyone! I’m here today with another tag I found on Emma’s booktube channel. Classic that Seemed to “get you” – basically a classic book, modern or not, where you identified with the main character or any of the characters on a deep level. I first read The Giver in 6th grade and for some… Continue reading A Little Less Lonely Book Tag

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summer lovin’ book tag

Hello everyone! Summer is in full swing right now so I decided to do this little summer themed tag. You can find the original tag here. start of summer Pick a book with an attention grabbing first sentence. For this prompt, I’m choosing My Heart & Other Black Holes because I remember the beginning of this… Continue reading summer lovin’ book tag

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Captain America Book Tag

Hello everyone! I’m here with a super fun tag today, I found this on and credit to her for the awesome graphic I’m using in this post as well!! Steve Rogers / Captain America: a book with a big character transformation Gia Montgomery from The Fill In Boyfriend comes to mind for this prompt. She came off… Continue reading Captain America Book Tag