Bookstagram Tips & Tricks

This series was highly requested on my Instagram so I decided to start it on my blog. This blog series is meant to provide you with comprehensive tips about Bookstagram. The point of these blog posts are to act as a guide to Bookstagram. Whether you are a new or old bookstagrammer, I hope these posts are helpful to you! Don’t be afraid to tweet me questions @myriadinklings.

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This is the index of the posts in this series. At the moment, this series is complete. I may add more parts in the future if needed, if there are other things you want me to address feel free to contact me to let me know!

Part 1: Welcome + Intro
I talk about:

  • What is Bookstagram?
  • How do I start a Bookstagram?
  • Making your first post

Part 2: The Basics 
I talk about:

  • Tips on posting on Instagram
    • Posting Schedule
    • Best Times to Post
    • How often to post
    • What to post
  • Bookstagram Terminology (+ other bookish terms too)


Part 3: Join the bookstagrammers!
I talk about:

  • Book Clubs
  • Book Tags
  • Giveaways
  • Monthly Challenges
    • The Inklings 30 day challenge
  • Meeting friends
    • Tips on making friends ft. some of my awesome bookstagrammer friends!


Part 4: Tips on Book Photography
I talk about:

  • General Information
    • What camera do I use?
    • Editing
  • Additional Tips

Part 5: Theming Your Feed
I talk about:

  • Feed Theme
    • General Info
    • Pros/Cons
  • Jen’s Bookstagram Themes
  • Favorite Bookstagram Feeds