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A Little Less Lonely Book Tag


Hi everyone! I’m here today with another tag I found on Emma’s booktube channel.

Classic that Seemed to “get you” – basically a classic book, modern or not, where you identified with the main character or any of the characters on a deep level.


I first read The Giver in 6th grade and for some reason 12 year old me really really enjoyed this book. For some reason, I felt some kind of connection with Jonas and for that reason I still remember this book very clearly even though its been almost a decade. I’ve yet to read the rest of the series but I do hope to do so some time this year.

A Surprise: A book that surprised you with how much it affected you


This book really really left a deep mark on me, I honestly did not see it coming. I know I loved the book, but didn’t realize how much I would keep thinking about the book days after I finished it.

Book you read at just the right time


I was in the mood for a really cute contemporary when I picked this book up. Thinking back, it was kind of cheesy and cliché. I think I wouldn’t enjoy it as much if I read it now, but it was the perfect timing to read it when I did pick it up.

Book that Inspires you


I don’t know what it is about this book, but everything about it inspires me. The stories, the characters, the settings, the theme/message etc…

Book that calms you


I think the reason that this book “calms” me is that even in situations where I am in a reading slump, feeling out of need, need a pick me up etc., this book manages to lift my spirits. This is one of my all time reads, and it’s like my safe space. When I need a book where I can spazz and enjoy and feel good about, I pick up this one.

I hope you enjoyed today’s tag. If you haven’t done it, I tag you to do it too! 🙂 – Jen


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