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summer lovin’ book tag


Hello everyone! Summer is in full swing right now so I decided to do this little summer themed tag. You can find the original tag here.

start of summer
Pick a book with an attention grabbing first sentence.


For this prompt, I’m choosing My Heart & Other Black Holes because I remember the beginning of this book REALLY captivating me. It was one of those books where you read the first few pages and you ALREADY love it.

“Music, especially classical music, especially Mozart’s Requiem Mass in D Minor, has kinetic energy. If you listen hard enough, you can hear the violin’s bow trembling above the strings, ready to ignite the notes. To set them in motion. And once the notes are in the air, they collide against one another. They spark. They burst.”

too hot to go out
Pick a book for a day in


This one is an emotional heart wrencher. Definitely stay in to read it. Trust me on this.

summer road trip 
Pick a book you’d take with you on the road


Ice cream, dogs, best friends, cute boys = the perfect road trip read. PLUS, it’s a Morgan Matson book so obviously this screams ROAD TRIP.

Iced Tea Goodness
Pick a book with a cold setting


I honestly read this book so long ago that I don’t remember much about it anymore, but I do remember that it was set in NYC in the winter, so that’s definitely a cold setting 😉

Nasty Sunburn
A book you really disliked (so far) this year


I really wanted to like this book, unfortunately I just didn’t quite click with it and it ended up being my lowest rated book so far this year.

Sizzling Read
Recommend one of your favorite books


Instead of recommending my usual go-to-rec (Fangirl, Anna & the French Kiss, etc.), I decided to stick with the summer theme and recommend another favorite from Morgan Matson! Definitely a great book to pick up in the summertime if you haven’t yet.

I hope you enjoyed today’s tag! I had lots of fun doing it, so if you haven’t done it… I TAG YOU TOO 🙂 – Jen


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