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Review: Hearts, Fingers & Other Things To Cross – Katie Finn


Hearts, Fingers + Other Things To Cross by Katie Finn
Series: Broken Hearts & Revenge (Book 3 – FINAL)
Pages: 256 pages
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends (Macmillan), May 2016

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Overall Rating: 3.5/5 stars



Gemma and Hallie’s world has come to a screeching halt. Their parents are engaged, which makes them step-sisters. Nothing in the world could possibly be worse for Gemma and Hallie–they won’t let it happen. Even if it means putting their own feud aside to separate their parents.

Events quickly escalate as a hurricane rips through the Hamptons leaving everyone (including Gemma’s two exes, her current crush, best friend, and her nemesis) bottled up in one house. One big, miserable group of exes and enemies together allow secrets to unfold and plans to be plotted. The calm before this storm definitely doesn’t exist.

Katie Finn pulls out all the stops for this fast-paced, dramatic conclusion in the Broken Hearts and Revenge series, Hearts, Fingers, and Other Things to Cross.

Book Review

So if you didn’t know, this is the 3rd and final installment in the Broken Hearts & Revenge series by Morgan Matson under her pen name, Katie Finn. If you have not read this series, this post may contain spoilers for you! Please only proceed if you have read the first 2 books or you are okay with spoilers 🙂

Overall, this series is a very lighthearted, summer-beach-read type of book. At the end of book 2, we are left in a huge crisis between the characters, and now in book 3, the characters have to tangle the mess they’ve made.

If you’ve read my previous 2 reviews on the last two books, you’ll know that I liked these books, but I didn’t LOVE them. I had a few issues with the characters with the plot-line, but I still definitely wanted to finish the series.

I wasn’t really anticipating it, it came out in May and I actually didn’t pick up a copy until June when I came across it at The Strand Bookstore. I read this on the flight back and it was definitely a light quick read like the previous two books.

I found that the pace of this book was very good, despite it being on 256 pages, I felt like it did what it needed to do, which was wrap up the plot. It didn’t feel too short. If it was any longer, it might have felt a bit draggy. I found myself liking the characters a lot more this time, as they came to realization of their own immaturities.

Katie Finn’s writing style is great as usual, enjoyable, simple and easy to read.

I found that this last book was probably my favorite in the series, it was a good ending for the series as well. I found myself enjoying and feeling satisfied with this book. However, there was a part of me that just wanted more. Although I liked it, there was just something missing that I couldn’t quite decide.

On a side note, the blurb by Morgan Matson on the front cover of this book made me LOL. What a funny person she is.

Nevertheless, this series is definitely worth picking up if you are a fan of Morgan Matson. It’s lighter than her other novels, but definitely still cute. However, I must warn you, this would be on the more immature side of YA for me personally, since it doesn’t dive into a lot of the intense issues other YA novels get into. I definitely feel like it was a solid wrap up for the series and if you’ve been reading this series, definitely grab yourself the last book!


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