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#JulyWithCJ – July 2016 Bookstagram Challenge

Hello everyone! For the month of July, I have teamed up with my fave @celinereads to create a bookstagram challenge for you guys! This challenge starts on July 1st, you can save this photo to your phone or repost it on your IG/twitter/tumblr etc. to spread the word.

Read below on each challenge explained

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 11-1

  1. TBR: Post a picture of your July TBR (to be read) stack.
  2. Books That Are Out of This World (UFO Day): Books that are so amazing they seem to be out of this world
  3. Favorite contemporaries: Some favorite books from the contemporary genre
  4. Red White & Blue (July 4th): Post a photo of some red, white and blue books.
  5. Beach Reads: What are some books you would take on a beach trip?
  6. Favorite Villains: Who are some of your favorite book villains?
  7. Books That Melt Your Heart: Some books that make the feels so real.
  8. #currentlyreading : Photo of the book(s) you are reading
  9. Series You Want To Read This Summer: What is a book series you want to read this summer?
  10. Book + Stuff Animal (Teddy Bear Day): Photo of books and some cuddly friends
  11. Diverse Books (World population day): Diverse books may include topics like psychological disorders, LGBTQ relationships, diverse ethnicities/cultures
  12. Road Trip Books: Books that make you want to go on a road trip or would take with you on a road trip
  13. Books + Glasses (Geek Day): books and a pair of glasses (sunglasses if you don’t own real glasses!!)
  14. #BookishHeart: Use your books to form a heart. Examples: 1, 2
  15. Bare Hardcovers: Take that jacket off those hardcovers for some pictures ;). Ex: 1, 2
  16. Favorite Authors: Time to feature some of your favorite authors!
  17. #ShelfieSunday: Clean up that shelf and snap a photo
  18. Books + Flowers: Take some photos of some books and flowers (real or fake). Ex: 1,2
  19. #bookishchevron: Chevrons look kinda like >>>>. Examples work better for this one. Ex: 1, 2
  20. #bookishcursive: a tag made by yours truly, feature some books with cursive fonts. Ex: 1, 2
  21. Pastel Books: some pastel covers, spines etc. Ex: 1, 2
  22. Favorite Book World: Feature some of your favorite bookish world, this can range from anything like Hogwarts, to the Earthern Union from The Lunar Chronicles
  23. Book + Tea: Share a photo of a book or books with some tea
  24. Sock Sunday: A bookstagram cult favorite every Sunday. Share a photo of books + a pair of cute socks!
  25. #seaofbooks: A pile of books scattered everywhere. Ex: 1, 2
  26. Summer 2016 Faves: Show us some of your favorite reads from this summer so far!
  27. Pink Books: let’s just all be Jen for a moment and make bookstagram pink for a day.
  28. Book + Music: Show us some of your reads + tunes. Music can be in the form of your phone, CD, etc.
  29. #infinitepages: A pile of opened books. Ex: 1, 2
  30. Haul: How much damage did you do in July? Post a photo of all the books you bought/received in July.
  31. Wrap Up: Take a photo of all the books you read in July

Yay that’s it! We hope you join us for our July challenge.


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