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Bookstagram: part 5 – theming your feed


Hello everyone! Today, I am here with a continuation for my Bookstagram series. Although I ended this series back in February, I know there are still some things missing so I will be adding supplementary posts as we go along! Last time, I talked about tips on book photography. Today, I will be talking about theming your Instagram feed.

What are feed themes?

A feed theme on Instagram is a certain color scheme/ style/ photo type that you tend to stick through with your book photography photos. Feed themes can vary from minimalistic, layouts, dark, nature etc. I will talk more about those different themes later too. There are endless possibilities.

Why should you theme your feed?

In order to theme your feed, your photos need to be somewhat consistent. Some people may find this really constricting, which it can be at times. However, I personally think that the trade off is worth it. I really like to theme my feed because I like the way it makes my Instagram look as a whole, not just as individual pictures. Also, theming your feed may make your photos more distinct and recognizable even out of context.

Additionally, theming your feed makes things easier for you! Since you tend to stick to similar “styles”, you will be taking a lot of photos with those styles. You know what they say, practice makes perfect. So you will eventually have the potential to become a little expert on your chosen style.

I think I’ve always had a theme, more or less, on my bookstagram. As mentioned, I just really like the way it looks when the photos “blend” together and have an overall theme.

If you followed me in the early bookstagram days, you would remember my cherry blossom bed sheets. I call that Phase I of Jen’s bookstagram. I really really liked my comforter, but it got really boring to take pictures because it felt like I was doing the same things over and over. Phase 2 for me was layouts. I had a few months where I mainly did only layouts. It was fun, but I ended up buying a lot of junk I honestly didn’t need. Eventually I got tired of doing solely layouts as well.


Phase 3 is where I was slowly phasing out of my cherry blossom background. However, my room is actually a terrible hot pink so my feed was pink as ever. I started doing a lot of outfit shots, and shots from other angles on my bed. Phase 4 is when I officially stopped using my cherry blossom sheets. The main reason was that I spilled ink while taking bookstagram pictures (I’m really clumsy, I know) and so I got a white duvet cover for my comforter.


Phase 5 was the silly phase where Jen thought she could get rid of pink from her feed. This lasted about 3 weeks I think. Nevertheless, I caved and stopped trying to avoid the pink-ness on my feed. Phase 6 is our last and final phase. It is my current instagram theme. I want to say its white minimalistic with pops of pastels, especially pinks. I really like this theme because it’s easy to incorporate pics taken from other settings (due to the white backgrounds in the majority of my pictures). I am really enjoying trying to take pictures with this theme so I think I will be continuing with this style for awhile. It is very similar to phase 4, but with more flexibility and not limited to just flat-lays.


How do I remain consistent with a theme?

Some tips:
Take your pictures in a similar setting. For me, 80% of my pictures are taken in my room. This gives me consistent lighting, “vibe” and coloring. It makes it easier for me to match my feed. It definitely does not have to actually be the same place, but for example, if you have a white based theme, then look out for different light colored backgrounds you can use (white walls, white floors, light sky etc.).
Use your editing apps. You would be surprise how much editing apps can help you theme up your photos. I’ve found that the green/magenta color balance has helped me a lot, because of pink walls, sometimes my photos aren’t as “white” as I want them to be.
Preview before posting! It is very useful to use a feed editor (like vsco, where you can see a “feed” of your photos) or preview your photos in your phone’s photo app by putting them into a folder so you can compare and contrast before posting. Additionally, you can post them to a backup Instagram account to see how they would look like in the IG setting. This helps you see how an individual picture will look with your overall feed.
Plan your feed! I know a lot of bookstagrammers like to “plan” their feed out, by using the vsco feed for example, to put them in the order they would appear once you post them to your Instagram. I used to do this too, but it is honestly too much work and I am really lazy.

So, what themes should I use?

As you can tell, a lot of this is trial and error. I’ve had my bookstagram for a little over a year now, but I’ve gone through around 6 different themes. Who knows how many more I’ll go through, maybe I’ll even get rid of having a “theme” eventually too.

However, I highly suggest you consider your resources. This includes what settings are available for you to take pictures in, how much time do you have to invest into bookstagram? For example, although I think sunset photos at the beach are beautiful… I do not live by the beach so it would not be practical to try to go for a “beach theme”.

Additionally, for this part, I would like to feature some of my favorite Bookstagram feeds. There are so many more beautiful accounts I wish I could feature, but I have narrowed it down to 7 themes and 20 accounts.


some of my favorite layout accounts: @readingoncloud9 – Karmen has the cutest props + uses a minimalistic white background, @foldedpagesdistillery  – Hikari’s layouts are always so intricate and well planned out, her props are always so fun to look out, – her layouts are always filled with flowers and are so pretty!!

minimal (light)

who said white backgrounds were boring? these are some of my favorite accounts who know how to work those white bgs: @bookishjourney – monica’s photos are always so simple but pretty!, @emdawgreads – aside from emmanuel’s aesthetic pictures, his captions always make me LOL, @bloomsbery – ava’s flat lays are always so lovely and minimal

minimal (dark)

when i say “dark” i don’t mean literally dark lighting or backgrounds, but their editing styles put a little more emphasis on the darker tones. this makes their feeds look so so so aesthetically pleasing: @thinpaperbacks – linh’s photos are so cute and her editing is always on point!! her photos always match her feed, @maniacwithbooks – antonio takes really aesthetically pleasing photos and has an extremely well balanced feed, @bookvibes– rebecca’s style is so distinct, I could recognize it anywhere. I love how simplistic yet unique her photos always are!

pop of color

these accounts also use a white background, but with a pop of color: @celinereads – celine aka my fave, her photos are always on point of course. she is the bookstagram queen basically, @twirlingpages –  xan always has such pretty rainbows + pastels + her room is goals, @_forevermint – cherry always has such pretty flat lays + outfits!!


these are the brave bookstagrammer who venture to the outside photos and suffer from judgement from those who don’t understand: @booksthetics – nani the queen of nature photography. what else is there to say?, @bokhjerte – marlene isn’t an entirely nature account, but her outdoor photos are so bright and pretty, @em.emxx – em has such a pretty style, her photos are really unique and she knows how to work that nature in her photos!

a little bit of everything

their pictures have a little bit of everything, while still maintaining a coherent, beautiful feed overall: @clockworkbibliophile – Olivia’s beach photos are goals basically. her photos are always so on point, @seelieknight – Viktoria’s photography is always really interesting to look at, definitely one of a kind.

And… that’s it!

I hope this post has compiled together enough tips, information and inspiration for you to compile your own beautiful feed as well! Thank you for joining me for this extremely long post! If you have additional questions about bookstagram, feel free to put them below! I might add another part for FAQ’s if needed. Be sure to check out parts 1-4 for the rest of the tips I have posted, however.


10 thoughts on “Bookstagram: part 5 – theming your feed

  1. I always have an issue when it comes to my Instagram feed ;A; but thanks for this post, great tips and the accounts you showcase were soo pretty [I’m following everyone 😎 )


  2. I’ve been thinking about changing my theme and this has helped me tons, both my personal Instagram and bookstagram need a bit of revamping so thank you for posting this 💐💕🎀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Having time to invest is absolutely right! It takes a lot of time to produce a cohesive theme. Venturing outdoors for nature photography is definitely difficult it’s why my theme is every other photo that’s nature so it’s still a theme but it’s not always outside. Haha. Great post!


  4. I do like the look of themes on people’s feeds, but I will never have one. I spent ages worrying that my photos were too similar until I learned that themes exist though and now I know that’s not something I need to be concerned about. But I’ll never have one, even though I know it means less followers.


  5. This is very helpful! Do you think it’s important to use an additional editing program? I always just play around with the preloaded IG stuff. But I really want to get a good theme going 😅


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