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Mid-2016 Reading Progress Check-in


Hello everyone! Today I’m here with a little mid-year reading progress check-in. Can you believe that half of 2016 is over? (Okay, well theres still a few more days left until June is over, but ALMOST.)

My goal for 2016 was to read 100 books… I am definitely behind with my challenge.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 7.34.06 AM

I know, I’m 8 books behind. How does this even happen?? I think school is the main reason here and honestly just me being too lazy to read. However, summer is when I read a lot. So I definitely want to be back on track (possibly even ahead of my challenge by the end of summer *fingers crossed*).

A little more on my reading year so far. I’ve read 12274 pages this year, not bad not bad!! Majority of the books I’ve read this year were 4 stars, which is great!

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 1.21.09 PM.png

PS. If you want to see your stats, you can go to goodreads under my books > stats>  tools (left side bar) under stats > pages.

My goal for the 2nd half of 2016 is to… read more, read more, read more!! My TBR has been constantly increasing, but the amount of books I have been reading has been going down… But I am determined to change this now!!

How has your reading year been so far? I would love to hear your progress or if you do your own blog post be sure to comment it down below so I can check it out too!!


6 thoughts on “Mid-2016 Reading Progress Check-in

  1. I’m actually way ahead my reading challenge, so I need to slow my reading down next month 😁 I know I should be happy, but I just feel annoyed…? I really like that goodreads feature, really helpful to keep track of my reading progress!

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  2. Yeah, I’ve got a reading challenge going but i sometimes kinda tend to wander away from what i’m supposed to read! Goodreads is soo useful!I love your blog by the way!! xx

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  3. You aren’t too behind on your goal, I’m sure you’ll catch up ! I’ve read 30 books so far and my goal is 60 so I’m right on track, plus I read so much in the summer so that’ll bump me up !!


  4. You’re not too far from your goal! As long as you keep a pace, whether sow or fast, I’m certain you’ll reach your goal by the end of the year 🙂 Also, I’ve read 71 out of 100 books so far this year. Incredibly ahead but to be fair, half of them consists of academic books I had to use for university and manga/comics (which are certainly fast reads!), so for my summer break, I’ll be spending more time on novels 😀

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