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#bookstagram April 2016 challenge

I’ve teamed up with Fid & Nani again this month to create a fun bookstagram challenge for you guys! We hope you join us, don’t forget to hashtag #aprilbookshowers

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or tweet me @myriadinklings. 🙂


Day 1. April FAKE TBR (April fools!!)

Day 2. Favorite Childhood Book

Day 3. Royal Blue Books

Day 4. Favorite Book Quote

Day 5. Favorite duology

Day 6. Spring Showers (Book that made you cry)

Day 7. Book Chevron

Day 8. Book Tower (stack them books… the higher the better)

Day 9. Book and handwriting

Day 10. #BookishBlur

Day 11. Book Ombre

Day 12. Favorite Book Villain

Day 13. On Wednesdays we wear pink… pink books :)))

Day 14. #BookishTalk (If your books could talk… what would they say? Make up your own bookish conversation)

Day 15. Reading Progress

Day 16. Book + Music

Day 17. Hardcover stack

Day 18. #BookCrown

Day 19. Yellow Books

Day 20. #xmarksthe

Day 21. Pastel Covers

Day 22. Book + Nature (Earth Day) #bookandnature

Day 23. #DOYOUEVENBOOKLIFT (lift as many books as you can? It’s your workout for today.)

Day 24. Favorite series

Day 25. #BookBalance (Balance as many books as you can on your head)

Day 26. Kiss Your Book Crush

Day 27. #Grungyreads (NAKED black hardcovers)

Day 28. Flying books (or falling books/ book blur if you fail)

Day 29. April Wrap Up

Day 30. April Haul


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