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A Court of Covers #2: Gold Edition


This is a new series on my blog where I will be discussing one of my favorite topics, COVERS. In A Court of Covers, I will be judging book covers. (Haha, get it? court… judge?)

I’ll make a confession now. Yes, I judge books by their covers. Yes, sometimes I buy books solely because of their beautiful cover. Yes, sometimes I don’t read a book because I don’t like the cover. As a book lover, judging a book cover is a must-do! Of course, beyond the cover we have to consider the content + more. But, first impressions DO matter, at least to me.

Hello there! Today I am back with a second installment of A Court of Covers. Today… we’ll be talking about one of my favorite new trends.

The Case

GOLD. Yes, you heard me right, gold gold gold. It is the age of gold. A long time ago, I thought gold was very tacky, but honestly, it’s all about that gold right now, especially in the world of book covers. You’ve probably been seeing all over the internet those gold foiled covers, bookmarks, pillows, bags, … seriously, everything!

The Deliberation

Let’s take a look at some example covers…

Exhibit A: The gold font


The first one I’m featuring is Swear On This Life by Renée Carlino. (Add to Goodreads // Pre-order on Amazon) This cover was just revealed recently. The majority of the cover white, while the font is in a copper-gold font. I really like the simplicity of this cover. I’m not sure how I feel about the hands, but I do like the contrast between the pages(?) and the hand. I feel like the font looks awesome! Again, the contrast between the white pages and the gold font looks very nice. Instead of a plain old flat font, the gold touch is the perfect way to make the words stand out.

Exhibit B: The Gold Accents


The second example is Rebel of the Sands by Alywyn Hamilton (Add to Goodreads // Amazon). This book has recently been recently. This picture does the cover no justice. I don’t have a physical copy of it yet, but I’ve seen pictures and it is BEAUTIFUL. The gold accents look amazing on the blue and is the perfect way to highlight the details of the design as well as the title font. I honestly have no idea what this book is about, but this cover makes me want to find out.

Exhibit C: Raining Gold


Exhibit C is Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard (Add to Goodreads/ Book Depository). Okay, breathe, I know, it’s beautiful isn’t it? This particular plays with both the copper and yellow tone golds. The background is a slightly turquoise navy color. There are golden birds throughout the cover. Also, if you notice, on the bottom there are 3 hands that are highlighted by the lack of gold. Goodness, this cover literally stopped my heart for a few seconds when I first saw it. I think my only complaint would be the name of the author is kind of hard to see. However, this cover is raining gold and I LOVE IT. I’m waiting for my copy to come in the mail and I sure hope it’s as beautiful in real life.

The Final Verdict

Gold, gold, gold. I love it. Give me all of it, I’ll take it. There are just so many things that make gold on a book cover AMAZING. I only showed you 3 examples, but there are so many out there with this pretty trend. I don’t think I need to say more, I’m sure you’re convinced. Now, go out there and grab yourself a book with some pretty gold accents on it. You won’t regret it 😉


10 thoughts on “A Court of Covers #2: Gold Edition

  1. This is a cool series!! 🙂

    Honestly, I think EVERYONE judges books by their covers even though we all know not to. 😛 Especially book nerds – because if you’re spending your money on it, you want it to look good on your shelf too! We can’t help it sometimes, it’s an instinct.
    Okay is it just me or does Beautiful Broken Things look like I’ll Give You the Sun… a lot but in gold
    version?? But it looks really nice anyways!


  2. I got Rebel of the Sands in my Uppercase subscription this week and it is seriously one of the prettiest books I have! I just want to leave it on my coffee tablet and stare at it.


  3. You always come up with such creative book memes! Looking forward to your future posts like this!


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