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bookstagram: part 3 – join the bookstagrammers!


What’s the funnest part about Bookstagram? Definitely the people. I was very pleasantly surprised at how welcoming the community was when I first joined at the end of April 2015. This is why, in this post, I’m going to be talking about all the fun things I love about Bookstagram. Aside from all the basics I talked about in my previous post, I’ll be talking about making friends, doing book tags, giveaways, monthly challenges, book clubs, and tips from other bookstagrammers, this is for all of you who are curious about these topics.

Book Clubs

As defined in my previous post, it’s when a lot of book lovers get together to read and spazz about books together. The book club I am a part of, the Bibliophile Academy. We would love for you to join us!! However, if you don’t want to, that’s totally fine. There are many other book clubs out there. If there’s not one you like, find some friends + start your own!!

Book Tags

I talked about this in my previous post, but “on Instagram, we have #hashtags. Hashtags are searchable and are usually used to highlight key terms/subjects of a photo.
Book tags are created by users to take a certain “type” of photo.”

So, the question is, how do you do one?

For those who are new to the book community, it’s honestly kind of difficult to get yourself tagged. However, that doesn’t mean you can do book tags! Everyone is welcomed to, no matter if you are tagged or not. If you weren’t tag, tag yourself + some others on Instagram you think might be interested in doing one! There are a LOT of fun book tags to do.

Here are some examples of hashtags already created by some wonderful bookstagrammers! (I’m sorry I don’t know who created which but these are some tags I see circling around Instagram very often.)

  • Colored book tags (book or book spine of a certain color)
    #blackbooks etc…
  • #Bookishrainbow (one of my favorites, make a rainbow with your books!)
  • #firstbookinaseries
  • #sundayshelfie
  • #ditchthatjacket (a hardcover w/o the dust jacket)
  • #booksandbag
  • #topthreeauthors
  • #bookishmaps
  • #primarycolourbooks
  • #pastelbooks
  • #booksandshoes
  • #Bookishcursive (one I created, any book titles with cursive fonts)
  • etc.

There are literally endless amount of possibilities of tags you can do.

Other notes I’d like to mention:

  • Don’t see a book tag you want to do? Make your own! Think outside of the box, make something you haven’t seen around. Then, tag some people who might be interested in doing it too! This is also a great way to meet new friends of the bookstagram community.
  • Don’t feel pressured to do every tag you get tagged in. At this point, I have stopped doing book tags simply because there are too many, I simply can’t keep up! Do the tags you want to when you want to.
  • It’s okay to combine tags. If your picture both applies to #pastelbooks and has your #topthreeauthors, use both!
  • Remember to tag others to do the tag in your post too.
  • Don’t forget to mention WHO tagged you (i.e. I’m doing the #pastelbooks tag. I was tagged by @myriadinklings). This is an important part if you want to make new friends from doing book tags.

Bookstagram Monthly Challenges

Monthly challenges are basically like book tags, except it’s for the entire month. There is a theme for every day you post. Many bookstagrammers make these challenges monthly for you to do. Look around and you might find one! However, I have one of my own here, that I created for you! This challenge is a total of 30 days and can be started at any day any time of the month.

I definitely want to see your posts if you participate in this challenge, use the hashtag #inklings30days. I hope this challenge is a helpful starting point for those who are new to Instagram and need inspiration for posts! I’ve listed themes below, find books that match that theme and snap away!

Day 1 – Bookish selfie (take a picture of you holding some books, if you don’t want to show your face, then crop it off!)
Day 2 – Your TBR books that you own (if it’s too many, choose your top 5)
Day 3 – Your favorite book + give us a synopsis + why others should read it
Day 4 – Favorite color in books (What’s your favorite color? Gather some books of that color)
Day 5 – Bookish eats (a drink, snack or food + your book)
Day 6 – Currently reading or most recently read
Day 7 – Books by your favorite author
Day 8 – Books from your favorite genre
Day 9 – Series of books you have finished
Day 10 – #bookishcursive – books with titles that use a cursive font.
Day 11 – Bookish confession – talk about an unpopular opinion you had about a book
Day 12 – Favorite book characters
Day 13 – Dear ____. Write a letter to your favorite author + show us your favorite book by them.
Day 14 – First book (show us some of your childhood favorites)
Day 15 – My most precious book is ____.
Day 16 – Spell your name! (with books of course, either make the letters or use the letters on the book spine)
Day 17 – #bookishrainbow <- because it’s one of my favorite tags I want all of you to get a chance to do it 🙂
Day 18 – Take a picture of you reading!
Day 19 – #currentlyreading + your non-spoiler thoughts
Day 20 – Book Fandom (show off your merch from your favorite fandom!)
Day 21 – Favorite quote (write out your favorite quote from a book)
Day 22 – On the go (take a picture a book while you’re outside or on the go)
Day 23 – Book + book drink (what do you drink while you read?)
Day 24 – Signed books OR books you wish you could get signed
Day 25 – Bookish playlist (list out your favorite tunes for reading)
Day 26 – Books + stuff animals (cause you know I love them)
Day 27 – Why do I read? Show us your most “influential” read.
Day 28 – Cover Buys (I have a weakness for pretty covers, yes I buy books because they are pretty. Don’t be afraid to show yours!!)
Day 29 – #pastelbooks or #whitebooks or #blackbooks
Day 30 – I am a bookstagram-mer because _______. Reflect on your month on bookstagram and let us know why you like being a part of the bookstagram company. Take a shot of whatever you want to accompany this theme. 🙂

Don’t forget to hashtag #inklings30days when doing this challenge!!


What are giveaways? Free stuff!! Books, merch, etc. This is the perfect chance for those who don’t have the funds to buy their own books. Some giveaways require you to repost, some are just tagging friends. However, I love giveaways because it shows how giving the bookstagram community is. My friend Logan @thebookelves has SO many book giveaways, she wants to give back to those who can’t afford to get their own books. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, it is. That’s why, join a giveaway, host a giveaway; the possibilities are endless!! Tip: If you are hosting an international giveaway, The Book Depository is a great way to get free shipping worldwide. No, this post is not sponsored by TBD.

Making Friends

Now, this is probably another question I get very often. Honestly, making friends on Instagram is very similar to real life. You introduce yourself, you share interest, you talk a few times + you become friends! It’s an organic process and it will happen to you too. However, who better to ask how to make friends on bookstagram than my actual bookstagram friends themselves? They are honestly such amazing people. It’s always fun to have friends to talk about books with, chat about nerdy bookstagram with, + more. Here are the best tips from my AMAZING Bookstagram friends, I asked them:

How do you make friends on bookstagram?

Making friends on bookstagram is literally a piece of cake. Just sending a DM to someone & mention that you love a book they just featured. People are so friendly on bookstagram, it’s basically an instant friendship if you share a love for the same book. – Logan @thebookelves

Making friends on Bookstagram isn’t hard. By just adding one comment on someone’s picture can spark a conversation. Voila, you have made a friend! – Karmen @readingoncloud9

Commenting, private messaging + honest fangirling. – Camila @abookeater

Making friends on bookstagram is rather easy, as we all have on thing in common, books, which facilitates the formation of bonds and friendships. I make friends through our shared love for reading. – Adriana @booksthetics

Usually by commenting and striking up a convo about our shared love for the same books. From then on, it’s like ‘boom, you’re my new best friend’. – Nicole @booksandstarlight

To be honest, I think making friends on Bookstagram just sort of happens. There’s no algorithm or formula  you follow in order to make friends. You just meet someone and you comment on their or they posted a comment on yours and a conversation sparks. You find that you have similar interests and you’re able to bond with them easier as you get to know them, like in real life. Most people in our community are very judgement-free and open-minded, so easier to fangirl and express yourself than it may be in real life. I love all the people I have met and can’t be more grateful for all the friends I’ve made through this platform! – Linh @thinpaperbacks

Commenting and interacting with others! That’s the biggest aspect for me. Mostly everyone on bookstagram is very friendly, so if you leave a comment the person will probably respond. Eventually, it’ll become a consistent thing and you’ll naturally make friends like that. – Alexandra @twirlingpages

I make friends by interacting with everyone in the Bookstagram community. I do not just sit her posting photos, but I comment on people’s photos because it’s where friendship starts. – Justine @bookwormaniac

I try to be active and engage in conversations with people mostly by commenting on their photos or replying to comments. Though sometimes I might DM a person if I really want to get to know them. Another way I get to know people and make friends is by buddy reading books. It’s a great bonding experience and can make reading a book even more fun! – Cherry @_forevermint

Thank you once again to all my book friends who took their time to answer my questions!! I hope these tips are helpful for you, go make some book friends. I promise they are awesome.

That’s it for this post. I hope it was informative to you, my next post will be talking about my tips for taking pictures!! Stay tuned.


18 thoughts on “bookstagram: part 3 – join the bookstagrammers!

  1. I love that you’re sharing all these bookstagram tips!! I just started on bookstagram in October, and I so wish I would have been able to read your blog posts before :)! Making friends was definitely scary to me when I first started, but like you said, the bookstagrammers are the warmest and most welcoming people ever 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for all these tips! I’m pretty new to the community but I really adore your photos. I love doing those bookstagram tags but I’ve yet to participate in a monthly challenge so I might take part in yours ;).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this! I’ve finally started a bookstagram so I can stop clogging my personal with bookish posts, and this series has really helped. I’m taking part in your monthly challenge so I can get into the habit of posting regularly and I’m really looking forward to it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Amazing post Jen 😀 I recently joined bookstagram but I absolutely adore this community! Everyone is so kind and welcoming and I love it so so much ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I just recently started a bookstagram to go along with my blog (which I started about 2-3 months ago) and this series has helped me a lot! It helped answer a lot of my questions and get rid of most of my doubt and uncertainty of starting a bookstagram, so thank you so much! And I love your instagram account! 💖😊


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