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highlighters: zebra mildliners


Oh Mildliners… known as THE aesthetic highlighter, known as the “cult-favorite”. There has and still is so much buzz about these highlighters.

IMG_1849Personally, I don’t have all of them… However, I do own 2/3 of the line, (1 is not pictured). I really do like them, they have became a staple in my every day notes.

Let’s talk about them a little.

Mildliners are a line of versatile highlighters by Zebra. They come in 15 different colors — varying from mild to florescent. Honestly, I can’t think of another color you would need.



These highlighters have a felt tip, with a highlighter side and a marker side.

Once again, I repeat, the design is great! I also love the barrel size. It is the perfect size for my fingers, haha.


I got mine as singles from Jetpens for $1.50 each.  This is a great choice for those who want to pick and try a few from the line and not buy all of them.

OR you can also get the 3 sets of 5 from Amazon for around $14 (which is actually a great deal, you’re paying around 93 cents for each, only problem is that you have to buy all 15).

Besides that, you can find them in storers for around $1-$2. I bought one of mine from Kinokuniya bookstore for around $2 last year.


I will post my notes eventually that include these highlighters. In conclusion, these have become a great staple of my stationery appetite. I love to use them on my notes, on index cards (especially the bold colors) + in my planner. They are convenient and aesthetically pleasing. The inks aren’t the smoothest and it isn’t the best highlighter I own, but it is definitely worth having. It doesn’t smudge most of the pens I use as well, however some of them do bleed through the paper. I don’t know how long they will last exactly, but the first mildliner I bought around a year ago are still great and pigmented. Rating: 4/5

I hope you enjoyed this informal review post! More (review-ish) stationery posts coming soon.




3 thoughts on “highlighters: zebra mildliners

  1. I love highligthers! They make me learn better and focus at school. But it’s hard to find the ones that doesn’t smudge or bleed through the paper. Definitely going to check this one out, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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