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Muji Haul


When I went to xmas in the park (see previous post), I also stopped by a store called “Muji”. Muji is a Japanese minimalistic line with household items. They also sell amazing stationery. I’ve been in the store so many times, but never bought anything. “Today is the day”, I thought.

I bought a few things at Muji. I am a huge fan of Japanese stationery, especially pens/ pencils, notebook/paper quality. Basically, I am huge fan of everything.

The first two things I bought were notebooks. The one with the orange binding was $1.50 & the plain brown one was $3.50. Extremely affordable… the paper quality is amazing. I love how smooth the paper is. It honestly just makes me so happy that the paper is so smooth. Both are unlined notebook, because I prefer my notebooks to be unlined — just a personal preference. The bigger notebook without the orange spine is also is a ‘lay-flat’ binding. It even has a little ribbon, it makes the perfect journal!


I also bought an eraser because I recently lost mine…


Then… I bought a few gel pens… “a few”. The cashier wrapped them in a little brown bag. The minimalistic aesthetics of Muji just gives me so much joy.


I bought a variety of colors… Black, navy blue, sky blue, green, orange, hot pink, and pink. I bought around half of the color selection they had. Will be returning in the near future for the rest… I love the frosty plastic the pens are in as well; it looks beautiful.



All the pens I bought were also in .38 size. I love this size because it gives you the control that .5 does not. Its perfect for note writing. It’s actually rare to find as well, I have never seen .38 pens in any regular stores here in America.



I hope you enjoyed my haul! I will be reviewing the pens in the near future when I get a chance to try them. Let me know if you have any other requests.




6 thoughts on “Muji Haul

  1. AGH. I LOVE STATIONARY SO MUCH. I’m all grabby hands after reading this post. I need those pens and those notebooks now. I find it so rare to find unlined notebooks here in Australia. I don’t like lines at all, when it comes to notebooks and especially for Bullet journaling, blank or grid-lined paper is amazing.

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