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xmas in the park 2015


In the city I live in, we have something called “Christmas In The Park”. There’s attractions, rides, food, + just fun things to do around the holidays. I went with my friends today and took some fun photos. Please excuse me, I recently got this camera and am still learning how to use it!


There are these really fun snowman hot chocolate drinks everyone gets. This is my first time trying it. The hot chocolate was okay, but I think it was just really cute overall. Little snowman floating in a mountain of whip cream… haha.



There are a lot of Christmas trees — most of them are decorated by classes or clubs or different organizations.


There’s also a HUGE tree in the middle of the park. You can only see the top of it in the picture I took however.


We also went on a ferris wheel. Honestly, it creaks and makes sketchy noises, but it’s still fun to go on.



That’s it for my little xmas in the park outing. I will be going on vacation soon, so stay tuned for more photography/adventure posts soon. I am trying to take more pictures to practice with my new camera as well. 🙂






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