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sticky notes; why i love them

One of my absolute obsessions is sticky notes. I have so many I honestly don’t even know how many different ones I own. From plain ones, to colored ones, to animal shaped ones, I own them all. I just find them essential to my stationery collection.

Why do I love them?
*they mark my places — I use them a lot in my textbooks and readings, it really helps to have the important places tabbed (for future references).
*they are adorable — who wouldn’t want a little penguin peep out of their book?
*they also serve as bookmarks — I lose bookmarks often so these serve as affordable and adorable bookmarks.
*they are affordable — most sticky notes I get range from $1 – $2

What types do I use?
*There are 3 types I use:

1. “Peep-out” 
These are the most common type I use. I usually get them in cute animal shapes, like the dogs in the picture below. They peep out of my books/textbooks; I can’t help but laugh every time I see them!

2. Large 
These are usually bigger, and have more space for me to write on. Sometimes, they are printed in a “to-do” list format; which is really helpful for me when I do homework.

3. Combo
Sometimes, I need an in between, I need to be able to write on my sticky notes, and mark my place. These serve as the best in-between.


Where do I get them?
There are many places you can get them: stationery shops online, etsy, ebay, stationery stores (such as maido, etc.). Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can find them at Walmart or Daiso as well.


Now, what are you waiting for? Get some of these cute sticky notes for your books & notes! You’ll love them.


4 thoughts on “sticky notes; why i love them

  1. i love sticky notes as well! my memory is awful so sticky notes are really helpful for me! i have a stack of them on my desk and i just jot down random things. usually i don’t even know what they’re for when i find them weeks later but they’re a better method than writing everything on my hand! i recently got a pack of christmas themed sticky notes with an assortment of sizes and i’m really excited to putting them to get use! loved this post jeanette! 🙂

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  2. I am a huge stationary fan, I don’t know if you already know this! I’m much more of a pen hoarder, but sticky notes are awesome! However I am so picky about my sticky notes. I can only use the plastic sticky notes/tabs or I will get really upset, uncomfortable or frustrated.


  3. I also use sticky notes to mark my textbook and novels, and since I’m a forgetful person, to write down where I put my things 😀 But it’s hard to find cute sticky notes that would stick, because sometimes they just keep falling off my books!

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