Updates + more

As you may have noticed, I honestly haven’t been the best at updating my blog. Recently, I’ve been putting in a lot of thought of the direction I want to take my blog in. I’ve been feeling very constricted in what I can post on my blog. When I first started my blog, it was supposed to be a book + stationery + life blog. However, I’ve neglected the stationery posts for awhile now. Nevertheless, my goal for the new year is to update my blog more often. The type of posts that will be on my blog will start to vary too — it won’t just be about books anymore. Some new type of posts that will be on my blog include: stationery reviews, stationery hauls, skincare hauls, photography posts, movie/drama talks, lifestyle, diys etc. I hope you won’t mind this shift in genre for my blog, and happy holidays to everyone!


3 thoughts on “Updates + more

  1. i’m so excited for your new posts! i love blogs that cover a variety of different topics, maybe because my blog is a bit like that so this is really exciting for me. can’t wait to see them + hope you’ve been having / will have a great holiday season!

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