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Diary: Reading Slump

As some of you may have noticed, the amount of reviews I’ve written this month is… very low, compared to the usual amount. I’ve been in a huge reading slump. Yes, the almighty reading slump has hit me, hit me hard this time. I’ve only read 2 books this month so far, and been going nowhere with another one…. School has also started for me since Monday, so of course I’m getting nowhere. I’ve been trying to ride it out, but it seems like this won’t work. I’m going to go back and re-read some of my favorite books until my craving for books return.

On the bright side(?), my book buying ban is going well, over a month now and no new book purchases! Only 2 more months for my book buying ban to go.

I hope I get out of this reading slump soon, I’d love to know any tips you have for some one who is suffering from a major reading slump!


8 thoughts on “Diary: Reading Slump

  1. Sometimes I thinks it’s the “pressure” we put on ourselves to read so much. When this happens, I usually just pick up whatever I feel like reading (often something mindless and light), read only when I want, and just take the pressure off for awhile. Maybe give yourself some allocated time off to do whatever you want and not think about it, then get back at it when the time is done, telling yourself you can read as much or as little as you want when the time comes. A lot of it is mental. I would say buy something new you are itching to read, but with the book ban…

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  2. Sometimes some library books can be good – less pressure to enjoy them and at the same time kind of a deadline? Or try an audio book or something light and fun. I found The Selection books good like that after I read way too many sad books in a row!

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  3. Try reading graphic novels or short stories, usually it helps. You could also watch booktubers and looking at other blogs reviews, usually it drawns me to a book. I hope you’ll get over the reading slump soon 🙂

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