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Diary: My New Bookshelves

Recently, I purchased my first real bookshelves and I decided to document my shelf “makeover” process.

SAM_6679This is how my “bookshelf’ looked like before the makeover. It’s not quite even a book shelf actually. It was quite a clutter.

I had two of pink floating shelves that stored my stand alones in a rainbow organization. On my dresser, I stored my Harry Potter books + some random CDs. In my cubicle, I had 5/8 of the “cubes” for storing books. I kept my series in these cubes. It was quite a mess because cubes are really hard to organize books into.

The main reason why I felt like it was time for new bookshelves was because of the lack of space I had left. As you can tell, I started to stack books in every way to try to have enough space for everything. In the end, my floating shelves could not carry any more weight, or well I didn’t want to risk them falling them and leaving a huge hole in my wall because they fell once before (thats why there are the gray beams to keep them supported).

SAM_6697 SAM_6699

When I started to clear off my shelves, I realized that I own a lot more books than I had expected. I’ve been using a little app on my phone that “catalogs” your library and I realized I own 150+ books. I had to keep them in multiple piles outside in my living room while I re-arranged the furniture in my room to make space for my shelves.


The picture on the right was taken when one of my book case was completed and I hadn’t put in the actual “shelf” yet. On the right is after the second smaller book case was completed and I had put in the shelving into the first book case.


I think it just totally slipped my mind to take more pictures before I loaded the books onto my shelf but here is the completed shelves! On the left, bigger shelf, I color organized stand alone books & incomplete series I own (mainly series I only own one book from). On the right, smaller shelf, I have all my completed or almost completed series in no particular order. The shelves have a total of 6 divisions and on the bigger shelf I only used 3 and a half, leaving me two full shelves to store books on. The books on the smaller shelves are scattered across the shelf.

That’s it for now! I’m still working on organizing and decorating but I’m not sure if I will be making any drastic changes any time soon.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know below how you like to organize your bookshelves!


34 thoughts on “Diary: My New Bookshelves

  1. I love your new bookshelves! All of mine are black or dark colored “wood” but now every time I see photos with white shelves I love it! So much easier to see your books because of all the light bouncing off of the white. I hope to one day be able to fit all of my shelves in one room. Mine are scattered between my bedroom and living room. I even have a small bookshelf on the landing of my stairs!

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    1. That’s how i felt too! I have a darker wood dresser and I feel like it makes my room too dark so I opted for white. The only other place in my house to store books is in the garage so I try to squeeze everything into my room! 🙂

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  2. i love your new bookshelves! they’re really nice and i love that you organized them by colour too. i don’t really organize my books in any particular war. i just put them wherever there’s space on my bookshelves so they’re kinda all over the place haha

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  3. Holy bookshelf goals! Your shelves turned out beautifully. 🙂 I haven’t been able to get any really nice bookshelves yet so as of right now my organization is pretty random – just anywhere the books can fit. 🙂


  4. I have multiple floating shelves above my bed, and I used to organize them by color. But then I realized it wasn’t that effective for the space to try and keep colors together (I’m running out if shelf space) so I now I do it by genre and height.

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    1. I am always scared to have floating shelves above my bed because my shelves fell down before, I’m scared they’ll come crashing down on me! But that sounds like a great way to organize them 🙂


      1. Oh man, that’s horrible! My parent’s did warn me about that, so I did push them back a bit. The shelves jut out quite a bit, so I’m hoping I’m safe. And thanks, but I have a feeling I’ll be changing how I organize them again soon. I can never make up my mind!


  5. I like the color organization. It looks beautiful. I’ve considered getting floating shelves since I ran out of bookshelf space but I’m scared of getting a hole in the wall. I know I will over stack.


  6. Your bookshelves look beautiful! I usually don’t bother with the order in which my books are organized, it’s all random and I guess I’ve got just one shelf which I could call the “most organised,” it’s from big to small to big again. I’m thinking of making a rainbow out of both the books on each bookshelf since I never tried to make one before! Also, your wall’s colour makes the bookshelves stand out, it’s lovely. [:

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    1. It was definitely a fun process to organize them so if you have some time on your hand, might be fun 🙂 and thank you! i always thought that my abnormally bright pink walls clash with all my furniture haha

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  7. They’re so pretty by color! It looks so great in photographs, when you know your collection well enough to remember where to look for stuff. 🙂

    I have bookshelves in several different rooms, so they’re organized in different ways. One bookshelf is kids series, my most used reference books, and graphic novels, so they’re grouped together by age level – one row all the kids series: Harry Potter, Golden Compass, Percy Jackson, and a kid’s leatherbound set; the next row is graphic novels, dictionary/thesaurus/symbols, writing, and editing. My other main shelves are grouped by genre, with series together and by height within each section.

    Cube shelves are challenging to work with, like you mentioned. That’s what all of mine are, so it makes sense to have lots of small thematic groups instead of one overall rule. But what I do like about them is how deep they are – you can go three deep with mass markets and two with trade/hardcover. I keep larger books I’ve already read but want to hang onto on the back row and unread books on the front, plus stacking some sideways on occasion to keep it interesting.

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    1. That’s such a great way to organize! You do make a good point, cube shelves make more sense with smaller/more categories than having one overall organization scheme. Sounds like a great system you have going on for your shelves! 🙂 I don’t have too many books so I like to be able to display the majority of them so I had to get rid of the cube myself!

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  8. Oh my god YES! That looks so good!! I love shelf organising posts – I’m a bit of a nerd that way haha! The colour organising looks great! Do you separate your series to fit them into the correct colour or does it usually just work out fine? Great post 🙂

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      1. I’ve been thinking about organising mine into colour but the idea of separating series stresses me out for some dumb reason! Your shelves look great though 🙂


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