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Review: Attachments – Rainbow Rowell


Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
Pages: 323 (Paperback)
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Publisher: Plume, March 2012 (Originally Dutton, 2011)

Links: Goodreads // Amazon 
Overall Rating: 3/5

*I bought this book with my own money*

Plot Summary
Lincoln O’ Neill works the night shift. His job? Reading other people’s email. He’s in charge of making sure everything is “work appropriate.” During his work, he stumbles on the email between Jennifer and Beth. The girls talk about everything they shouldn’t be. However, he doesn’t send them a warning letter, and reads their emails. Soon, he becomes captivated by one of the girls and find himself falling for her…

The plot is very refreshing, coming from Rainbow Rowell, I expected a lot. The narrator, Lincoln, had a very refreshing point of view. It was an interesting twist to have a solely male point of view and know nothing about the girl except through the emails he read. I found myself really liking the main couple in this story, but only towards the very end of the book. I was squealing because every thing was so cute for the finishing scene.

This book was extremely slow for me during the first half. The pace picks up during the middle of the book and it gets better.. The whole time I was reading the book, I asked myself, “where’s the Rainbow Rowell magic?” It was not very evident to me during the first half of the novel at all. I felt tiny sprinkles of it towards the end, but overall, it was not what I expected. Also, I felt that, although I liked the ending, it was a bit rushed for my taste.


Plot: 3.5/5
Characters: 2.5/5
Writing style: 4/5

Overall: 3/5

Final Thoughts
I really wanted to love this book, I really did. I loved Eleanor & Park and Fangirl very much, like most people. I know that Attachments is an adult fiction (not YA), so I expected it to be different from the other two works I’ve read by her. I read adult fiction occasionally and I usually enjoyed it. Overall, this book was okay. However, the characters were not very appealing to me and I didn’t “fall in love” with them as much as I did with her other works. I feel like this might possibly be due to overwhelming expectations and bias (from reading her previous works) that added to my disinterest in this book. Although I felt like it was okay, the lack of connections with the characters (for the majority of the book) cause me to not enjoy the book as much as I would have liked.

love, Jeanette


3 thoughts on “Review: Attachments – Rainbow Rowell

  1. the premise was one thing that really attracted me to this book AND the fact that everyone loves rainbow rowell. i read fangirl before this and had a really good experience with it so i was excited for this book. i didn’t hate attachments but i also didn’t love it as much as other people did. i wasn’t really convinced of the attraction between lincoln and beth and i just thought lincoln and the whole situation was superrrr creepy. but rainbow rowell’s writing is amazing as always and that was the one thing that kept me reading and interested even though in hindsight, i wasn’t super impressed with this book. but great review! i’m going through your reviews now and they’re super interesting to read 🙂

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