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Review: The One – Kiera Cass


The One by Kiera Cass
Series: The Selection (Book 3)
Pages: 323
Genre: Dystopian, Young Adult, Fiction, Romance
Publisher: HarperTeen, May 2014

Links: Goodreads // Amazon
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

*I purchased this book with my own money*

If you haven’t read anything from the Selection series, you definitely should NOT read this review as there are key plot spoilers. (only applies to those who have not read the series at all). If you have read at least one of the books, it will be perfectly fine to read this as there will be no spoilers for those who are interested in knowing my thoughts on The One (Book 3).

Plot Summary
In the 3rd installment of the Selection series, we are finally faced with the choice. Who will Maxon choose? Who will America choose? The end of the competition is nearing and it is finally time to make a choice.

Without any doubts, this is my favorite book so far in the series. Remember how I kept saying I wanted more? I finally got the “more”. It’s the action I’ve been waiting for since book 1. Keeping in mind that this is supposed to be a lighthearted read, I finally felt like the plot tied in what I wanted + action I wanted to see with it.

Once again, I am still in love with the characters. Kiera Cass does a great job at making you feel like you are there with the characters — as if you knew them yourself.
Another point I felt that was an improvement in this novel was the development of the world they lived in. Much of the book(s) are settled in the palace, of course it would be a little bit difficult to truly imagine the whole “world” of Illea that they lived in. But I felt like we finally got a glimpse into what it truly felt like to be there in this novel.

I had nothing particular that I didn’t really like about this novel… The only exception being the same with the problem I had with The Elite, the whole “reintroduction” during the beginning of the novel.

Plot – 4.5/5
Writing Style – 4/5
Characters – 4.5/5

Overall Rating – 4.5/5

Final Thoughts
Although The One is not the final book in the Selection series, it is a wrap up for our characters as we know them. The Selection is coming to an end and the decision is finally made. I really don’t want to spoil anything, so that’s as much details as I can get into. The ending of the book was satisfying, but not QUITE satisfying. I bought the box set of The Selection, so there was an EXTRA epilogue for The One. This epilogue gives you a glimpse into the future after the book ended. I felt like this was what really wrapped it up for me. I highly suggest you get the box set if you haven’t purchased these books yet or borrow someone’s copy of the extra epilogue (it’s only a few pages) because it’s adorable and I love it.

Overall, I love this series so far, would definitely still highly recommend this to anyone. This book in specific, receives a 4.5/5 (the highest I’ve given to the books in this series because I thoroughly enjoyed it — stayed up to 1am on a school night trying to finish it).

Hope you enjoyed this review and please let me know your thoughts if you have read The One! I am trying to grab a hold of The Heir so I can continue on reading this series as well!

love, Jeanette


3 thoughts on “Review: The One – Kiera Cass

  1. Great review! I think The One was my favorite book from the trilogy, too, and you perfectly summed up my feelings about the whole story 🙂
    I didn’t get the chance to read the extra epilogue you’re talking about, but DAMN, WHY DIDN’T I READ IT! I need to try and get this one as soon as I can! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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