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Review: We’ll Always Have Summer – Jenny Han


We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han
Published April 2011 by Simon & Schuster
291 Pages
Paperback // Box Set // Goodreads

Plot Summary
If you haven’t read the first or second book of this trilogy, I would suggest you not read this review since it will probably spoil you. If you have already read the 2nd book of the trilogy, this review will not spoil too much for you (I will spoil you no more than the cover of the book does).

At the end of the 2nd novel, Belly made her choice, and it was Jeremiah. This novel fast forwards two year in the future. Belly is now in college. Jeremiah and her have been inseparable since. However, Jeremiah makes a huge mistake (yup, a HUGE one). Belly and Jeremiah rush into their future, but once again, Belly is forced to face her feelings. Does she want to spend her future with Jeremiah? Or Conrad?

I think that my favorite part of this book was mainly just Jenny Han’s writing style. I think her writing style is perfect for contemporary young adult romance. Also, I loved Belly’s mom’s role in this novel.

As you can probably tell, I didn’t have as many favorites in this novel as I did with the previous ones. For one, I felt like it was too rushed — the time skip was a huge time frame and it kind of left a hole in the plot, which the flashbacks alone could not fill. As for the character evolutions, I felt like it didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Again, the huge time skip made it difficult to see how the good character went bad, vice versa. In the end, I felt like maybe a one year time gap would have been enough. Also, the majority of the novel is centered around this “event”. I won’t disclose what event it is to not spoil you, but I felt like this event was ridiculous and made no sense at all. I felt like the holes in the plot of this novel was emphasized in this novel making it a somewhat of a disappointing ending  for the trilogy. It became too dramatic too fast for me, it was supposed to be a summer read.

I guess that the ending was what I was rooting for, but I felt like the execution of it could have been better. The time gap and over dramatization  created some frustration on my side.

3/5 stars

Final Thoughts
I really did enjoy this trilogy, however the last novel will only be getting 3/5 from me due to the drawn out time gap between the novel and the final execution of the “wrapping up” of the plot. I felt like there were too many holes that couldn’t be filled which was kind of disappointing. I love Jenny Han’s writing style and I tried really hard to like the ending, but I couldn’t. Not because of what happened, but HOW it happened. I really wish that it wasn’t as rushed and dramatized. Since this is the concluding book of the trilogy, I felt like there should have been a little more focused on the ending resolution, instead of the events leading up to the ending. Overall, I did enjoy this trilogy, but it would not make my favorites list.

Thank you for reading my review and I hope you enjoyed! If you have read this trilogy yourself, I would love to hear your opinion as well. Until next time!



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